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    With the UK in lockdown gives me some extra time to get the boat ready for the Season, one of my jobs was to replace the fuel filter on my M90A and historically having had an issue with the canister fuel filter leaking the last two seasons I have used a large inline style automotive filter but have now gone back to an OEM filter which I have just fitted.
    Question is that on the filter there is an arrow in and an arrow out, now common sense says that the arrow in = fuel going in (from the fuel pump) and the arrow out = line going to the carbs..... however looking down at the oil filter which is exactly the same arrangement this has the arrow in line going to the carbs and the arrow out going to the oil pump??
    I have not touched the oil filter other than to check clean the filter element, and wanted some advice before I swap these around?

    from the way the lines run on the engine would mean both the fuel and oil inlet lines cross over which I find weird as I would have thought they would be orientated the way the direction from each line comes, ie the fuel/oil lines come in from the rear of the motor and outlet to the carbs towards the front but the filters outlet is towards the rear?

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    ignore me, the oil filter is routed correctly and just appears the wrong way but inlet comes from the tank and output to the oil pump

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    Cool. Glad you got it.
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