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    Default 2006 25 HP EFI will crank, but not start HELP!!

    Hopefully someone else can help me out on this issue. I was out a few weeks ago, boat was running fine, we were drifting while fishing for a while and I went to start the motor back up, all it did was crank. Now, I have had this issue before, and it turned out to be the high pressure fuel pump, but the reason for it doing it before was because I stupidly tried to "winterize" my motor, and burned the pump up in the process... long story short, I bought a new pump, installed it and everything worked great until the few weeks ago when it stopped.

    Now I have been through threads of stuff looking for what the other issue might be, and the closest one I can come to is this on... http://www.marineengine.com/boat-for...rank-won-t-run

    That being said, I did everything that was mentioned in this thread. I put the jumper for the ground on, tried my SUV's battery, and none of it worked like it did for them... I can tell you that I am NOT getting pressure on my High pressure fuel side of the VST, but the HP pump is a brand new one that I just put in thinking it might be that again( and yes I made sure there was fuel in it before I started it as to not burn it up). Now, if I do a direct connection with a smaller 12v batter to the VST separately, I can get the fuel to flow out of the VST on the high side and charge the fuel rail. IT will start/run after doing that for a minute maybe, and then once it runs out of fuel from the fuel rail, it will die. I have checked the voltage coming to the VST while cranking and I get 12v, so I am a little lost now as to what else could be the issue...


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    Default Re: 2006 25 HP EFI will crank, but not start HELP!!

    F25E0R146640 is the serial number if needed

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