Hi i would like to confirm the following. When mooring the boat for a period of time the owners manual states the following. tilt the motor engage the tilt lock and lower the motor down to rest on the bracket . then continue to press down the PTT switch until the trim rams are fully retracted, This will prevent corrosion. I was talking to a mechanic and told me not to do that i.e retract the trim rams because you will break the bracket and the tubing.The tilt bracket should be used only when working on the motor. I believe that he is incorrect because the power trim and tilt has valve to relief the pressure (other outboards i had when it stops on the bracket it sort of changes tone hums and never has a problem). apart from the fact that if this causes damage it wont be stated in the factory owners manual. Furthermore it will relief the pump when not in use. Further more looking at other owners manual ex yamaha it states the same procedure.Is it safe for this model to lock the motor on the tilt bracket when mooring and keeping lowering the trim rams to avoid corrosion since now i am a bit confused and the engine is still new. Or do you effect an other procedure