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Thread: 2712E vs 2701E

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    Default 2712E vs 2701E

    Hi guys.

    My boat has a 2712E engine

    Last year i bought a scrap 2701E for parts.
    Only thing I needed was the raw water pump.

    But i kept as much parts as i could.

    So my first question is will the diesel injectors from the scrap 2701E fit my 2712E?

    Second question will the head from the 2701E fit the bottom of 2712E?

    What other parts are interchangeable?

    Since i like pictures in other threads i wil put a picture of my baot at the end

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi, First your 2701e is 242 cu.in. 2712e is 254 cu.in. The injectors can be swapped but you may lose power. The correct injector tip is bdll140s6622 Basically it would be best to rebuild the 2701e as a spare swap out as all internal parts including the block are different. also the 2701e is a press sleaved block and 2712e is not sleeved.
    Charlie W

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    I can buy new tips for the injectors.
    Refurbish them and swap them without having to have down time.

    The only major big part I kept from the 2701 was the head.
    That I can keep for a rainy day.

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