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    Hello I知 new here and need alittle help, I got a 1989 Larson 20 inboard with 4.3 mercruiser, so the motor is seized up I tried soaking the cylinders and didn稚 free up, so now I was thinking off taking all the marine stuff from the block that I have now and pull a 4.3 from a car and swap all the marine stuff on it, I知 not sure if you can do that, I have a few friends saying you can then I have a few saying some of the 4.3 blocks are alittle different, by the way I am a mechanic so I知 alittle knowledgeable about this stuff so I know all 4.3 are the same that I know of. I知 just wondering if I can pull a car engine and swap some stuff over to make it work? Is it possible?

    thank you. My name is Tyler

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    Ayuh,..... Hi Tyler,..... Donno why you didn't post this in the Mercuiser forum, rather than Marine Power, a different manufacturer,.....

    The 4.3l went through quite a few changes over the years,......

    Startin' from scratch like you are, I suggest ya look for a post-'96, which are the Vortec motors,....
    Then up-grade/ adapt it to fit yer application,....
    At a minimum, you'll need an electric fuel pump, properly installed, 'n the Vortec intake manifold to match the heads,....

    If you start with a truck 4.3l, you'll need to change the core plugs to brass or ssteel, up-graded head gaskets,....
    The cam will work just fine, from the truck,....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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