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    Default BF50 shorting out 15 A fuse

    Honda 2004 BF50 A (carburated model) is shorting the 15A fuse as soon as I turn the key switch to the on position. Its off the boat and on a stand. I had it hooked to a battery jump pack for power and was warming it up to change the oil when I tripped on the cables. The positive and negative cable on the jump pack probably touched but not for long (positive jumper clip came off) and the remote control box hit the ground. I set it back up and now every time I turn the key switch on it blows a 15A fuse. Power trim still works (key switch does not have to be in the on position for this). I have also jumped directly to the starter and the engine cranks, fires, and runs great. Some forum suggested that the momentary battery cable contact may have shorted the rectifier so I replaced that but I still have the same problem. Ideas? Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: BF50 shorting out 15 A fuse

    "Remote control box hit the ground "


    That's where I would suspect the problem lies. The thing is, you're going to have to get in there to take a look.

    As far the cables arcing and frying something on the motor itself, I can't think of any component other than possibly the rectifier that might be affected and you have addressed that.

    I think something in the remote popped loose and is either shorting across the ignition switch or otherwise is providing ground to the "ON"

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: BF50 shorting out 15 A fuse

    After replacing the rectifier with no success in fixing the problem, I've come to the same conclusion. I'm going out tomorrow to open the box and start looking for a cause

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    Default Re: BF50 shorting out 15 A fuse

    Please let us know what you find.

    Good hunting!

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    Default Re: BF50 shorting out 15 A fuse

    So with a little more tracing wire looms I could not find any broken/shorted wires. I unplugged the power wire from the rectifier and I found I could turn the key on and it did not blow the fuse. A little more tracing showed that the power wire from the rectifier led into the Ignition Control Module which has 2 plugs which I disconnected and then plugged back in one at a time. I found when I plugged the large (white) plug into the computer and turned on the key it blew the fuse. Took the computer off and I found it blistered and bubbled . The blister at the end of the toothpick in the photo actually started smoking the last time I turned on the power
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    I would like to hear a few more ideas before I just throw on a new computer....I don't want to fry the new one if theres other isues :
    1. Since I could turn on the power and not blow the fuse when the key was n the On position that should mean that all the rest of the wiring is OK correct? (If I had other shorted wires it should have continued to blow the 10 amp fuse.
    2. If my positive and negative cables

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