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    Default Suzuki DT150 problem

    I have '89 Suzuki DT150 super six that I am having problems with I can put it in the lake it will start and idle great even rev up fine, when i put it in gear and idle out to no wake buoy and give it throttle to come up on plane it doesn't even try to go any faster stays same rpm as slow idle speed. I have rebuilt carbs, new fuel pumps, hoses from tank to motor, replaced voltage regulator new plugs and compression check was good, I am at a total loss only thing I can come up with is maybe a throttle position sensor but I hate to keep throwing parts at it. can anyone help me with this? ( back story motor ran great had clutch dog break in lower unit and replaced when I got it back the fuel line blew off the bottom carb. after replacing fuel lines with new ones this problem started.)

    thank you


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    Default Re: Suzuki DT150 problem

    You replaced the fuel pump diaphragms? If you did this can only be a sensor, water flow or oil flow - most likely oil flow. Do you see any warning lights on your tach?

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    Default Re: Suzuki DT150 problem

    yes I replaced the diaphragms, but neither one my alarms oil or water alarms are going off both are showing in the green but I will be sure to check them.

    thank you

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