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    I just purchased a boat with a 1999 40 HP Johnson outboard, model #J40PLEEA. I know there are varying opinions on this, but I am contemplating removing the VRO pump, at the same time as rebuilding the carbs. Images of the replacement pump seems to have three nipples; in, out, and pulse? I thought that the pulse came from the back side of the pump where it is mounted. I guess my question is, are there two pulse connections? Thanks in advance, Dave

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    Fact.----A replacement pump used on 48 HP models mounts directly over a pulse port on the port side of the # 1 cylinder.-----It uses 2 nipples one for fuel in and one fuel out.----Cheapest way to go.----You would block off the VRO pulse port.

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    Thank you for the reply. I'm just wondering, can I use the screw that I remove for the pulse behind the new fuel pump, and use it to plug the VRO pulse port?

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    If it has the same thread as the pulse limiter you can use it.

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