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    Default Engine won't start

    I submerged my 6 hp outboard. I managed to get the oil & fuel cleaned out before restarting. I ran the engine up each day for a week with no issues. After not running it for a month, I could not get it to start. It turns over, but no sign of any ignition. There is spark, but no fuel. I've replaced the fuel filter and inspected he pump which looks ok. But I cannot see any fuel on the pump discharge. I find it strange that the pump would suddenly stop working, am I missing something? The only other possible factor is that when it was last run up, there was no water coming from the water pump tell, tell. I only ran the engine for a minute when I noticed this, and suspected the port may have become blocked from the submersion. Could the engine have over heated enough in this short time for this to now have contributed to the engine not starting

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    Default Re: Engine won't start

    If it was just idling, I'd doubt it overheated....

    without knowing any more history, I'd say you need to ensure the fuel is being delivered first....

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    Default Re: Engine won't start

    4 stroke or 2 stroke? Submerged in fresh water or sea water? There are many factors that can cause this so we need a bit more info.

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