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    Default HELP... Crusader Serial# lookup......

    My buddy just bought an oldie but goodie with what he was told had 454 Crusaders in her...

    A mechanic comes out and claims the serial number is coming back as 350 CUBIC INCH motors... Not sure if he's confusing HP with CI??

    Serial numbers are: 55130 and 55131 (1985 era)

    Are these 454 ci or are they 350 ci ??
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    Default Re: HELP... Crusader Serial# lookup......

    It would be helpful if you would post a few photos of these Engines.

    The 350 is a small block.... the 454 is a big block.
    The valve covers and/or exhaust manifolds will give you the best clues.

    SBC valve covers in 1985 will use 4 perimeter bolts...... 2 on the upper side, and 2 on the lower side.
    The two center exhaust ports will be right near each other.

    BBC valve covers in 1985 will use 7 perimeter bolts.... 3 on the upper side, and 4 on the lower side.
    The exhaust ports will look evenly spaced.


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    Default Re: HELP... Crusader Serial# lookup......

    The serial numbers won't tell you which model you have unless you have access to the old Thermo-Electron records...

    In addition to what Rick provided above, the decals on the valve covers can help, assuming they are original.

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