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    Question 85 hp 93model canít find short

    Will crank and trim one minute then nexted it want. Trim switch at motor works all time. What should I check first? Should I take ignition switch out and clean points?

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    Default Re: 85 hp 93model canít find short

    What short?

    A short is a direct connection of a powered wire to ground. It will normally blow a fuse. Worst case melt wiring or start a fire. What you are describing does not sound like a short at all.

    By "clean points" are you talking about contacts within the switch? As I recall there is no good way to get inside of the switch assembly.

    What country are you in or where did the motor come from? Yamaha USA did not offer an 85TLRR here in the US. They did offer a C85TLRR however. Is that the model you have?

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    Default Re: 85 hp 93model canít find short

    Good info thanks.
    Yes I mean clean contacts

    i live in USA
    it is made in Japan

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    Default Re: 85 hp 93model canít find short

    What type of control box? Top mount 704 or side mount 703?

    Both the motor being cranked and the motor being trimmed by the trim/tilt switch on the control box handle are dependent upon battery power coming from the motor to the control box. Via a red wire.

    There are two connection points for that red wire. One at the motor (connector up front) and another within the 703 control box. I would disconnect and then reconnect both connectors several times to see if that helps with the conductivity. Perhaps some corrosion is building up within a connection point.

    If that fixes the problem well and good. If not, come on back for some other stuff to try.

    Oh, I am presuming that you have already made damn sure that the battery cables at both ends are clean and secure. If not, do that. Also, inspect the motor where the red wires connect from one place to another. Disconnect and reconnect them. Maybe clean them with some green scotchbrite.

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