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    Default BF 15 battery cable extension

    Happy New Years everybody! Iím restoring an old tinny and need to move the battery forward, maybe 6-8í. Any suggestions? Is marine grade necessary if Iím going to run the cable thru pvc to an enclosed battery box? Iíve seen the jumper cables trick but am concerned with overheating. I should note that the boat is an electric/manual start, will be used in f/w 99% of the time and stored in a arid high desert climate.

    im sure most will say replace existing cables with a marine grade singular +/- cable, however, this is a budget build just to get a few lines wet. Iím also concerned with the difficulty of connecting the cables to the motor itself as I donít believe theyíre using a ring connector, hence why Iím leaning towards a butt splicer. Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Re: BF 15 battery cable extension

    You can use a regular proper gauge wire, you can use stainless connections or you may also use a bus bar or a perko switch to make the connection. To help reduce long term corrosion, you can use a protective spray, gel or paste and shrink wrap the connection points.

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    Default Re: BF 15 battery cable extension

    Thank you for taking the time to respond Eneusiis, I appreciate the help. I didn't think of the perko switch option. I may go that route as I have one lying around or I may use the blue seas connector in the link below, just for a cleaner install. What size wire would ya recommend to extend? I’m sure it’s obvious that I’m not an electrician lol. Thanks again!!


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    Default Re: BF 15 battery cable extension

    Match the gauge that is on the engine now, I think it is 6 or 8 gauge. I have a perko in my boat with my batteries up front, I actually really like the perko for when my boat is not in use as well as trailering, I can switch it to off so a switch doesn't get bumped resulting in a dead battery. Worth it in my opinion and if you have one laying around, use it up!

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    Default Re: BF 15 battery cable extension

    Thanks again Eneusiis. After looking more closely at the perko switch, it looks as tho I ONLY connect the positive leads to the back of the switch. Is this correct? Adding the additional positive wire extension from the perko switch to the battery is clear, but I’m not sure how to extend the negative wire. I should have stated that I plan to move the battery from the back bench seat to the middle bench seat (6-8’). I’m thinking of just using the blue seas dual post in the link above. Again, I’m not an electrician lol but I do appreciate tour time and help. Thanks again!

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    Default Re: BF 15 battery cable extension

    I'd steer you to reconsider the wire....yes, a "marine grade" is best but there are many option between there and big box battery (auto) cables. The biggest is the stranding.....many fine strands stand up to the vibration much better than a few thicker ones.

    If both ends of your cable have ring terminals, a nut & bolt will work, even better with a length of heat shrink over the connection...

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    Default Re: BF 15 battery cable extension

    sorry mine is 4 gauge. But mine is a 40hp. Not sure if it is different for a 15. I bought mine off of Amazon.

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    Default Re: BF 15 battery cable extension

    Thanks makomark & eneusiis...I appreciate ya taking the time. I’m thinking less is best as I may just have a Napa make some new wires for me. Will report back when it’s all done with the cost...cheers!

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