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    Default Necessary parts to replace in the outdrive?

    So I found a mechanic that is going to do some work on my boat. I need the trim sending unit replaced, and I figured since the lower would be removed I would have him service the entire piece. Bellows, gimbal bearing, universal joint, impeller etc... is there anything else relevant to change while the boats apart? I want to handle anything necessary but Iím not very familiar with whatís practical.

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    Default Re: Necessary parts to replace in the outdrive?

    Ayuh,..... I guess that depends on what yer workin' on,......

    So,....... Whatcha workin' on,....... Atleast the model, 'n year,.... Serial number might also help,.......
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Default Re: Necessary parts to replace in the outdrive?

    As bondo mentioned not sure what your working on but given the age of the drive since omc closed up decades ago, I’d have the drive pressure tested and replace seals if fails. Possibly the drive has been resealed already and won’t work, but at least you’d know

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