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    Default Aluminum hull repair help

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ID:	22466To make a long story short, I have a Lund boat that received damage on the bottom of the hull. A gash that is probably 1/4” wide and a couple inches long.. the gash continues for several more inches but is not through the aluminum completely, maybe 30-50% through... the aluminum is pushed in a little around the damage as well... there is foam behind the damage.. Any suggestions on a course of action? Should this/can this be welded? Patched with rivets and a plate? The pictures are not great. The damage is right under the passenger seat roughly mid hull but on a somewhat flat area. The damage occurs right next to/onto a rivet line where I’m pretty sure a structural support is riveted to the hull. So a backing plate from the inside may not be an option for the full length of the gash...

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    The first photo almost looks like floatation foam is showing through? I’d find a welder and have it repaired that way. Our neighbors Starcraft got a stress crack that a guy welded up quickly and inexpensively,but does require paint touch up

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