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    Default Really Need Help with Tilt Relay Wiring, Pictures Attached

    Going to try and be short and concise as possible to avoid rambling, as I am feeling really defeated. Tilt motor was working half the time, figured relays were sticking/bad, so now trying to replace relay but only getting 2.5V when when activating switch up or down at pin 30 on both relays. This should be 12V correct? Is something wrong with my wiring? I do understand that I need an inline fuse on the 12V wire going to the switch.

    I attached the wiring diagram and pins that I used. I know the wiring is really bad/messy right now, I was trying to get it functioning correctly, then clean it up afterwards.

    I attached some pictures with some labels, but i do understand if it is really hard to see what is going on so just let me know if I am missing any other information that would need to be included.


    Using the same setup below on both relays with different switch/motor wires obviously:

    positive to motor: 30
    positive battery 12V: 87
    negative battery: 87a
    negative battery: 85
    from switch: 86

    positive battery 12V: to switch red wire

    I would really appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: Really Need Help with Tilt Relay Wiring, Pictures Attached

    First, it would help if you identify what you are working on; ie engine model/serial number, etc. and when you offer a measurement, stating what points you are making the measurement from helps tremendously...

    Making the guess that you want the relays to give you the ability to reverse the polarity going to the motor, based on which way the switch is activated, I'd say you diagram in incorrect. switching the leads on 87 and 87A may get you what you want.

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