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    Default Johnson 88 hp SPL Wiring Issues


    I am stumped... I bought a piece of property and there was a 16ft Glastron with a Johnson 88 SPL on it. There was no key to the boat so I purchased a new ignition switch. Upon wiring I noticed nearly all of the wires to the switch were hot, even the ground. Obviously it didn't work. I then pulled the engine cowling, traced wires, and found the positive lead off the battery terminates at the engine block, while the negative lead terminates at the starter solenoid. I cannot find any resources to indicate a reverse polarity setup for this engine and all of the wiring appears to be stock, even the battery terminal end for negative is clearly labeled as "Attach to negative lead only." Last night I reversed the battery leads and nothing... I am able to spin the engine by hooking the battery directly to the solenoid and ground to the block, but I'd like to figure this out so I can use the boat! Thoughts? What am I missing here?


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    Best thing to do is find a factory wiring diagram and fix it following that. OMC factory service manual has it.

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