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    Default 1988 4.3 distributor...

    I purchased a 1986 PennYan and according to the numbers on the motor it is a 1988 4.3

    i decided to buy a new cap, rotor, points, plugs and wires for it and using the numbers I had from engine made my purchase.

    After i I removed my cap I see that I have what appears to be a conversion. However Pertronix web site doesn’t show me any parts for the 4.3 engine.

    Im looking for information/part numbers etc for the distributor cap, the rotor, the ignition module piece inside etc so that I can be prepared when the time comes to replace them. Can anyone help identify what I have?

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    Default Re: 1988 4.3 distributor...

    If your now existing ignition system has been changed to a Pertronix triggering system, it would have been a system for the type/brand of distributor.
    If the distributor is no longer OEM, then you need to identify it.


    Older Prestolite (and Prestolite copies) uses two screws to secure the cap to the housing.
    Older Mallory uses two flip up clamps w/ screws to secure the cap to the housing.
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    Default Re: 1988 4.3 distributor...

    Is this engine part of an OMC Cobra system? If so the distributor is a mechanical advance Prestolite and you can get the cap and rotor from either BRP, or Sierra. Check on this site using your model number...it will start with either a 434 (4.3 V6, 4bbl carb) or 432 (same engine 2bbl carb) and then there will be a series of letters, the P or M refer to power or manual steering, the rest are just more specific identifers for the model #.

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