Hi folks, new member here.
I just picked up what I think is a early 70's 7HP monkey Ward, Clinton k700 2107A for $130.
I was told it runs, and I pretty sure it's air-cooled and the water pump is just for the exhaust. But I wanted to be sure that I don't burn anything up, so I'm trying to take off the lower end to check the water pump.

I've taken off the gear cover to repack the grease which looks like a light milk chocolate, and tried taking off the screw and bolt that holds the lower end together, it came loose but i couldn't pull the lower end apart. Then I read somewhere you had to take off the power head to remove the lower end, so I disconnected the shifting linkage, pulled the carburetor off, and took out the six bolts that hold the power head on. However again it came loose will not separate easily.

So before I break something with my wonderbar trying to separate the power head from the leg, does anyone have any advice.
PS if anybody has the PDF manual for this I'd REALLY appreciate a copy, as this is my first outboard, and I'm kind of relying on my auto mechanic skills, which is apparently pretty much like shooting in the dark and hoping to bag a six point buck. Haha
My email is [email protected], any help would be appreciated..