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Thread: Engine flushing

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    Red face Engine flushing

    I bought a new in the box 2017 DF25A in may 2019, It runs fine no complaints but my question is when I hook the rubber cup garden hose thing to flush no water comes out the pee hole, the manual says to start motor and water should come out, I only ran 3 seconds before shutting motor off to avoid damage, is that not long enough for water to find its way? When I hook up the hose to the side plug water does flush the motor but manual says that's for motor not running. The pee hole always works when out on the water or when submerged in a tub but nada when clam shell hooked up?
    Any suggestions this is my first post thanks in advance!

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    I am not a mechanic nor an expert and I would research this further. Sounds like you don't have a good seal with the muffs, I always struggle getting a good seal, move the muffs around until your seal is good. If the seal is good and water pressure is solid, let is run a few seconds longer, but stay right at the key so if you get any alarms or warning you can turn it off immediately. Most newer motors have all kinds of alarms to prevent overheating.

    You can screw the hose right into the motor if it is still hot and water will come out the pee hole without starting it because the thermostat will still be open. So if you can flush within minutes of shutting it off, it would be easier.

    Good luck.
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