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    Default BF50D indicator lights not illuminating when ignition ON

    I have a new BF50D out of the box which I mounted this summer. Installation went well including break in procedure on the water. Only issue I have is that only 2 out of the 4 indicator lights on the remote are illuminating when ignition switch is turned ON.

    Oil Pressure Indicator and Overheat Indicator illuminate and the buzzer beeps twice when ignition switched ON (as they should) which are obviously the 2 most important ones.

    The Alternator Indicator light and the Malfunction Indicator fail to illuminate during the same sequence. Output voltage measured at the battery is 14.2 vdc when running so the Reg/Rectifier is doing it's job.

    My boat is in a remote location so having the dealer check it out is not an option. I really doubt these 2 LED indicators are burnt out.

    I found a wiring diagram here .See BF50D chapter 5-6. Judging by the diagram it appears they are all tested together if you look at item 5 indicator light. I've checked and re-connected connectors with no joy. Ideas anyone?


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    Default Re: BF50D indicator lights not illuminating when ignition ON

    did you ever figure out why your alternator and engine light didn't come on? I'm having the same issue

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