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    Default Sediment bowl 1980 454 Crusader

    Can anyone explain how these small bowls work. Mine are mounted directly above engine mounted fuel water separator and have a very small tubular line going from the top to the mechanical fuel pump. Neither of mine have any fuel in them and both appear clean but appear to never have been serviced in any way. Thumbwheel at bottoms are rusted and donít turn. One engine is very hard to start . Have confirmed spark and air now focusing on fuel. Clean fuel and new filter applied. Donít have a fuel pressure gauge on board at this time

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    Default Re: Sediment bowl 1980 454 Crusader

    The factory manual I have mentions these as settlement bowls. They are used to permit detection of a ruptured fuel pump diaphragm....so being clean and dry is a good thing. They aren't used with the 'newer' fuel pumps - just something to keep in mind for the future....

    Assuming the original input filter was removed? spark is good but must occur at the proper time, consistently....

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