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    Default Suzuki DT25C No power

    I have a 1995 DT25C that is not making any top end power. The motor has spark, compression is 125 even on all 3 holes. I have cleaned carbs and fuel system, tried new tank, new fuel hose and primer. It starts well and idles, but when run at WOT, it produces what feels like 1/2 throttle. Someone mentioned maybe a bad crank seal? I started engine and sprayed starting fluid towards flywheel and also bottom of block. When I sprayed the bottom of block, engine immediately died. Tested this several times with same results. Iíve experienced failing seals on two-stroke twin cylinder snowmobile engines and they behave differently, with hard starting and revving higher when starting fluid is sprayed. Iím at a loss. Any opinions out there?

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    Default Re: Suzuki DT25C No power

    On these particular motors if you have a bad crank seal it will not idle correctly, you will have to keep on reving it up to be able to keep it going. I would start off by checking the fuel pump diaphram, and also make sure you have no possible air leaks on your fuel line. It might also be worth checking your reed valves.

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