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    Default Brand New suzuki DF6 hard start and won't run

    Hi there,
    Just bought a brand new 2019 suzuki 4stroke 6hp DF6 from onlineoutboards.com
    Arrived in good shape, but I did notice a little oil seeming out of the cover.
    Filled the top tank up with brand new gas and used the proper 10w-30 oil as specified..

    Took about 20 pulls to get running. Once running it ran for about 30 seconds.
    Now it will only run for a few seconds at a time before puttering out.
    Running in a large trash can the tell tale is very steady.

    A few questions:
    1) should I avoid using the top tank and go buy an external tank? It doesn't seem like a fuel issue as the carb bowl does fill up with gas.
    2) Is it possible that during shipping some of the oil leaked into the carb or cylinder or somewhere it should be? There was a little oil in the engine I assume that's how they ship or they are setup at the factory before sending out.

    Any other tips are greatly appreciated feeling like maybe I got hosed somehow... From what I've read, people say these fire right up out of the box for the break in period.
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