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    Default 2008 suzuki df 140hp wont turn over(electrical issue?)

    So a little back story.

    Past 3 weekends when i get the boat off the trailer on Saturday a morning (boat has been sitting for 5ish days) i go to start motor, the normal beep before starting is a little longer then regular but after 2-4 seconds it turns over and starts up. Then the rest of the weekend its great (the beep is about the regular .5sec before starting). After running the boat this weekend all day friday, Saturday, and a little sunday, we pulled up to our fishing spot and shut off motor. When we went to leave, the beep lasted forever when i turned the key and the motor would never turn over. Then eventually after trying more the beep would not even go on. Turn the key nothing would happen. Trim on the console/throttle wouldnt work but the trim would work on the trim switch on the motor

    Heres what we tried to do to fix, or diagnose.
    Charge battery
    check battery connections
    connect the + and - on starter with screwdriver(just would spark but wouldnt turn over)
    connect jumper cables from battery to starter
    looked for any bad fuses or loose connections.
    boat is in neutral
    and safety red thing is in
    thanks in advance
    plan on taking boat to mechanic in the morning, just wondering if there is a quick fix that i can do.

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    Default Re: 2008 suzuki df 140hp wont turn over(electrical issue?)

    check the WHITE wire in the wiring harness from the console o the engine. google Suzuki white wire and read.

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    Default Re: 2008 suzuki df 140hp wont turn over(electrical issue?)

    Battery voltage?

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