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    Default Would like to add a temperature alarm system to my 4107

    First I had problems with my freshwater cooling system now my raw water system I need an alarm of some kind before my engine gets damaged

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    Default Re: Would like to add a temperature alarm system to my 4107

    If you have wet exhaust, there are temp sensors that mount on the hose. Usually when I start an engine I feel the raw water hose/pipe where it exits the engine, before it enters the exhaust. You will feel it become cooler unless you're in water warmer than the air temp. Most people check for a flow out the exhaust after starting.

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    Default Re: Would like to add a temperature alarm system to my 4107

    Most problems that appear in one's "fresh water" cooling system are due to a failure or degredation of the raw water system. The big three failure points are:
    1) Plugged/clogged raw water strainer screen (if equipped)
    2) Raw water pump failure/degradation
    3) Plugged/corroded raw water passages ( typically in the elbows)
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