Ok...so I purchased this motor to replace a dead 1987 Evinrude 140... labeled as a Johnson 130...further investigation finds:

1985 Johnson 120 powerhead J120TLCOS

1995 Johnson 130 midsection and carbs J130 TLEOA

So, the motor is cold blooded, and wont stay running at an idle without constant key priming
above 2350, she will zoom across the lake at 30+ (4000 ft agl) and at sea level she will do 40+ about 5500 rpm
When I bring the throttle below 2350, approaching the no wake zone, she'll die..unless you keep priming it.

So far I have four opinions from 3 different professional marine mechanics:

a) 130 carb venturis are too big for 120 powerhead....$500 for 4 rebuilt carbs!
b) low speed stator is the culprit...not a fuel issue
c) idle air orifices are too large, go smaller to fix idle lean condition
d) carbs, intake and reed box are all wrong...need to swap out everything!!

To date: fresh fuel/oil mixture, fresh filters, spark plugs, fuel pump, water separator, fuel lines, fuel bulb and lines. Carbs were rebuilt x 2 by me and 1 x with ultrasound at shop....
Open to advice from this astute body of knowledge...frustrated and just wanna fish!!