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    Default seal kit SeaStar cylinder BA 135x7-BJ

    Hi guys

    its leaking oil from the tiller end shaft seal.

    I looked the part number up on Sea Star website, cant find it, can only find BA 135X7ATM. It looks very different in photos, very different seal housing.

    The only ref I found was this in the FAQ:

    I have a boat fitted with Sytten Steering. Can I get a seal kit for the Helm Pump and a mounting foot/seal kit for the BA135-7BJ cylinder?

    The Sytten System was obsoleted in 1984. We no longer have “any” parts available. Your Helm Pump can be replaced with HH5271 & HA5418. The cylinder should be replaced with HC5313 & HA5425.

    This confuses me greatly, my boat was built in 2007 & all of helm/steering system has SEA STAR written all over it not Sytten and looks much younger than 35yrs old.

    So my questions are;

    1/ Have you guys heard of a SYTTEN SYSTEM?
    2/ anyone seen a sea star BA 135x7-BJ cylinder before?
    3/ any suggestion how or where to get this seal assuming SS wont help?
    4/ any other advice appreciated.

    Boats a 25 Bertram, single helm, single rudder, single shaft inboard Turbo diesel V Drive. AP35 auto pilot. Sea Star helm.

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    Default Re: seal kit SeaStar cylinder BA 135x7-BJ

    Looks rather wet....does the cylinder freely pivot around the mount? We found that was a major driver in the leaks we experienced.

    As far as the seal kit goes, the mount shouldn't make any difference (BJ or ATM), at least with the older cylinders. I've bought a couple over the years but none recently.

    I would suggest you check out any local hydraulic service shops (think earth moving equipment & the like) - they usually have parts that will work and can do the overhaul w/i 24 hours and for a reasonable fee....on our vessel the helm pump used to need a new shaft seal every 2 -3 years....after the second one, I went to the local hydraulic shop.....he suggested a different seal design and we went with it....I got 15 years of service out of the 'alternate' and it was less $$ than the SS part!!

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