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    Default Help - 4.3GL steering got stuck to left most position - right turn broken

    Got a 96 boat with a 96 4.3 GL motor and dual prop leg. Was out on the water today and kids wanted to create a whirlpool so I had the wheel cranked to the left most position and was going around a few times. When done I went to turn the wheel to straighten out but nothing changed - the leg was still at the left most position. I turned off the engine and lifted the leg and I could push the leg to the right but once it started it would again shift to the left most position. I found that if I pushed the leg to the middle, the steering wheel still turned the leg to the left but if I turn the wheel to the right nothing happens.

    Would really appreciate some advice to what I did and how to fix. Thanks

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    Default Re: Help - 4.3GL steering got stuck to left most position - right turn broken

    Ayuh,..... Sounds like a broken steerin' cable, or possibly the helm,.....
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