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    Default 99 optimax starting issue

    I have a 99 150 optimax. My air compressor bracket broke and I replaced the compressor. Now here is the problem. My boat will crank on the muffs every time. It will crank when u first put it in the water but once u start it and run it down the lake when u kill it will not start back. It doesnít even hit like itís not getting any fuel or spark. U can take the cowling off or u can trim the motor all the way up out of the water then it will hit about 3 times then crank up. It will do this every time. The prop had to be all the way out of the water or the cowling off. So I think itís a back pressure issue building up through the prop exhaust I just donít know where to start. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: 99 optimax starting issue

    When the compressor broke did it break the block where the belt tensioner spring sits?

    Look at it closely. The tensioner should hold the belt pretty tight.
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    Default Re: 99 optimax starting issue

    All that broke was the 2 ears off the compressor where it bolts to the motor. But I will check that.

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