I recently purchased this motor with 504 Hrs. Motor has been running great. While on the water last Friday, the NO OIL alarm & light came on, on the mutli-function Tach. I checked the oil and it was a little low, so I idled back to the dock. I added oil, no change, the same light & alarm went off. The person who I purchased the motor had mentioned the oil pressure sensor was recently replaced prior to my purchase. I was skeptical about the sensor being defective as I could see it was a new sensor. For lack of having an oil pressure gauge, I pulled the sensor out and cranked the engine. There was a very strong stream of oil (didn't do this with boat in water).

I replaced the sensor yesterday and the same light and alarm went off. I've been told there's still an issue if the alarm is still sounding. The motor idles smooth, sounds fine (no knocking), no oil loss or leaking. I dropped it off at the Suzuki dealer yesterday so they can check the pressure and diagnose.

Thank you for your help!