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    Default Omc Shift problem after cable replacement

    Hi there.
    I have a Omc 3.0 from 1993
    So i just replaced my lower shift cable, with the correct adjustment tools.
    After replacement of the cable the boat shifts fine into gear, however the interupter switch keeps being activated, so if cuts off the engine when in gear.
    I had the same problem before replacing the cable.
    however it only seems to activate the interupter switch when going into FWD, and dosent move the bracket at all when going into reverse.
    Also after the first run the cable seems to be alot harder to when tryning to go into FWD movement

    What could be the problem?
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    Default Re: Omc Shift problem after cable replacement

    When you adjust the Cobra shift sytem it is a 2 cable set up. That means you adjust the transom shift cable with the tools, but you also may need to adjust the remote cable (at the engine shifter bell crank) to ensure you are getting equal travel on both sides of neutral. With the switches, on the original set up the interrupt switch should only activate when the drive is shifted out of gear, when shifted into gear the overstroke switch should keep the ESA from engaging.

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