We recently got this boat from a friend and was told that it would start up. We went to go put it in the water and it wouldn't start. We had a boat mechanic come look at it, he got it started ( I don't know how!) we drove it to the boat slip, where he told us that we would need to replace the starter. We bought a new starter and replaced it, still didn't start up. It would turn over and almost start but wouldn't stay on. We called around to other boat places and they suggested replacing the fuel filter and fuel pump. We first tried the fuel filter and made sure there were no clogs in the fuel lines. We replaced the old gas with new gas, and still nothing. The next step was to replace the fuel pump. We did that and we noticed that the pump would run constantly even if the boat wasn't on. We were told that it was a relay problem, so we replaced that as well, but that still didn't fix that problem =(. Yesterday we went to go start the boat and it started right up, we thought we were in the clear. Today we planned to go out on the boat, we got to the boat and tried to start it, but it didn't start. It would turn over, but nothing happened. We are at our wits end and spent a lot of money on a boat we haven't been able to enjoy yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?