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    Default Help with year/model for Mariner 30ML

    Iím looking for help finding the year/model for a 30hp with serial 689 L 323759. I recently bought it but the guy knew nothing about the motor. Any help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Help with year/model for Mariner 30ML

    You have a 1985, Yamaha built Mariner, "A" model, that was (factory) a rope start, long shaft. (as far as I know there was only ever an A model in the 30 - the 40 had A, B and C models - maybe they had plans that never materialized??)

    Yamaha "branded" (as Mariners) a number of motors for Merc. They are purely Yamaha save the decals.

    689 is the (Yami code) that indicates that it is "mechanically" a 1979 thru 1985 Yamaha model 30AM. The "L" in your serial/model number indicates it's a long shaft (20") and the 323759 is the actual "serial".

    These were originally sold with an oil injection system called "autoblend". It was basically an (inline) battery powered oil system where a small tank of oil was located between the gas tank and the motor. It is improbable that it will still be present, but if it is I would remove it, throw it so far away that it can't crawl back and spontaneously re-attach itself, and simply run pre-mixed, 50:1, in the gas tank.

    I know of one auto-blend that actually worked flawlessly for over 20 years. Most failed and a lot of engines got fried when they did.

    The 30 horse Yami/Mariners were not super popular in North America - there were 40 horse models "everywhere", but not so much with the 30's.

    What is available, parts wise, can be found here: http://www.marineengine.com/parts/ma...689530100---ml

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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    Default Re: Help with year/model for Mariner 30ML

    Thanks for the info! Are these decent motors? Just trying to find out what I can about it since I couldnít get any info from the previous owner.

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