Hi folks,

A friend gave me his late fatherís old DT 7.5 long shaft last year and Iíve been working to get it running. It looked to be in great shape originally and was serviced before being tired for 10 years or more. Parts are either impossible to find or are really expensive so I found a substitute coil for one that wasnít working, found a way to get cooling system cleaned out so water flushed out the pee hole, and even made a gasket for the old fuel filter which was leaking. I also replaced all of the fuel lines and finally took it out this weekend for a family adventure. It worked but I had to keep pumping the bulb from time to time to keep it running. After further inspection I found that the carb is leaking fuel. Itís mostly leaking where the choke rod enters in the top of the carb. Itís also slightly dripping out of a big hole in the front of the carb.

Page 7 of this manual: https://www.brownspoint.com/store/pc...DT9(77-79).pdf

I donít want to drop a bunch of money on a new carb and am confident I can rebuild one if needed but I canít find a rebuild kit for this one. I donít want to take it apart if I wonít be able to rebuild it.

Three questions:
1: Does the leaking mean I need to rebuild the whole carb or is there just a part that needs to be serviced?

2: If I do need to rebuild the carb, is there a solution to not being able to buy a kit any more? Like cut your own gasket material?

3: Is it possible to use an after market carb that might be easier/cheaper to find?

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts you all have!