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    Default fuel pump Carter 152-875

    I don't seem to be able to find this fuel pump using p/n 152-875. I have marine power 454's. Is there a different number I should be using?

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    Default Re: fuel pump Carter 152-875

    thats a good number for the Carter 152-875 electric fuel pump

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    Default Re: fuel pump Carter 152-875

    Thanks. I'll try it again.

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    Default Re: fuel pump Carter 152-875

    copied from another site
    First, so, like a lot of you, I have the Carter 152-875 low pressure pump, which is the Indmar 501006. Mine has 45940H18A stamped on it, which, as near as I can tell, crosses to the Carter P4594. This pump is about $60 online (Summit, Jegs, Rock Auto, etc.) as opposed to the $400 that places like Bakes sells it for. It looks like some folks use the P4389 as a replacement.

    Second, the high-pressure pump is driving me crazy. Mine has 344 2490A stamped on it. Based on my research online the Indmar replacement for that pump is 495126. I saw a post where Larry confirmed that, so I trust that is correct. I can't really find it online easily. Bakes doesn't even have that part number. Skidim appears to have it, but its close to $350. I have also seen people state that it has been discontinued/replaced as well?

    So does ANYONE have any thing that can verify or provide the correct part number? (Larry, you still around?) And if so, has anyone crossed it with another pump? I have found several pumps of that type, but are not sure of the OEM specs ( I have heard 28-33 psi, Indmar manual just says 30 psi minimum at keyup.) Also, several of the pumps I have found don't list their specs. Indmar doesn't "make" pumps, so there has to be a cross number for it.

    Ones I have seen:
    Carter P61171
    Carter P61157
    Airtex E8266
    Sierra 18-7326 (and a bunch of other numbers)
    Precision E16414 (Oreilly's)
    Precision E16299

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