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Thread: 75 hp no spark

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    Default 75 hp no spark

    hey guys, new here and have a problem i hope someone can help me with.
    2001 75 hp four stroke, can not get a spark, changed ign. module, pulser, and stator.
    still no spark, disconnected kill switch, no go, but i have noticed that the warning beeper does not work and the green
    light on the panel stays on with key in run position, batt. light or temp. light never comes on.
    i have found out that a dealer replaced the harness before this happened. anyone have any ideas ?


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    Default Re: 75 hp no spark

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: 75 hp no spark

    The bf 75A uses the battery 12 v and sends it directly to the primary side of the ignition coil it gets boosted up by the secondary circuit in the coil the 90A also uses this DC-DC system its the same as the older version of the old car coils that used points if your battery doesn't have enough power although it may turn the motor over you need at least 850rpm at start to get spark and if your coils are cooked nothing will happen when you turn the key on into the start 3rd position briefly all the lights should light up and one should go off when it in the 2nd position and stay on .iang or chawkman may know better wait they will come.

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    Reading what you have done, I think you have a harness or plug issue with salt ingress. First up, a BF75A does not alarm like an EFI motor, the alarm will only sound when there is an over heat or oil pressure failure,no lights should illuminate when the key is turned on. To get spark, go to the connector closest to the CDI unit and de pin the black/red, that wire I am suspecting is leaking to earth somewhere, try that and see if it sparks. Also check that you have 12volts as Tegweni mentioned, at the black/yellow at the connector closest to the CDI. Start with that and let me know the results.As far as the oil light is concerned, again, you have an earth leakage causing the light to remain on, once you locate the problem with the spark you will probably find the two are related to the same earth leakage. I am assuming here that this engine is used in salt water.

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    Default Re: 75 hp no spark

    Should have mentioned first, check your harness earth points are all very clean and secure.

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    Default Re: 75 hp no spark

    thanks guys for the response, give me something to look for.
    i'll report back.

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    Default Re: 75 hp no spark

    Well I finally had a chance to check it out, it has 12v on the blk/y wire, I depinned the blk/rd wire and have spark.
    with the blk/rd wire disconnected from the kill switch it still reads cont. to ground.

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    Default Re: 75 hp no spark

    Does it have spark with the black red disconnected?

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    Default Re: 75 hp no spark

    Yes it does have spark with blk/rd depinned

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    Default Re: 75 hp no spark

    So you're getting there,now to find where the black red is earthing

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    Default Re: 75 hp no spark

    yep, just gotta trace it down. but you know this is supposed to be a new harness.

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