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    Default Suzuki DF20A slow to reach full power

    I installed the engine last year and it has less than 20 hours on it. A month ago my son added 2-cycle mixed gas which caused the engine to run rough but once he figured out what happened changed and ran out the bad gas, I have since changed the gas again and pulled/cleaned the fuel filter. Today, the engine started fine, but would not run over 3600 RPM until I ran it constantly for about 30 minutes. Then it seemed fine while running. However, every time I stopped the motor, the same problem would occur (3600 RPM limit) but could achieve full power after a couple of minutes instead of the 30 minutes. I ran the Suzuki diagnostic software which did not detect any failures. Any ideas? This is making me nuts. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Suzuki DF20A slow to reach full power

    Just closing out this post in case anyone has the same problem. It was the plugs. It seems that the oil mixed gas seeped into the spark plug threads and caused the engine to lose compression. That’s why when the engine warmed up and expanded it would work. Thanks to my wife for bugging me to pull them. Never would have guessed that.

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