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    Default Blue smoke only on start-up

    I have a 2013 Mercury 60HP 4 stroke. Today when I started it up, there was puff of blue smoke. It smelled like oil smoke. It only happened once.. today. I'm concerned I might damage something if I continue running it. Is there a common reason for this, or should I have it looked at?


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    Default Re: Blue smoke only on start-up

    Overfill on oil level, leaking valve stem seal, worn rings, thermostat stuck open so it ran too cool previously, and about a half dozen other possibilities.

    I recommend that you go to the top left of this page, click on "Forum Home", scroll down to the mercury outboard forum and ask there. There may be something specific about that engine that's causing it. Or it just might be that's what they do.
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    Default Re: Blue smoke only on start-up

    Thanks for your help CHawk 25 DLX. I'll check it out.


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