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    Default Constant PARTIAL loss of throttle 90HP 2 stroke yamaha

    Engine was going full throttle completely fine till semi-concering sounds, slow down to a crawl then unable to speed back up past say 1/3 of previous top speed, manual throttle works fine in nuetral and gives high revs, however when in forward the engine does not achieve anywhere near as high revs and goes at a fraction of what was previously full throttle.

    Engine was serviced less than 50 miles ago.

    Greatly appreciate any help and will try respond ASAP to any questions,


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    Default Re: Constant PARTIAL loss of throttle 90HP 2 stroke yamaha

    Rpms in neutral are of no value here, just fyi. What does "serviced" mean exactly?...Pull carbs and jets? If not, that's where I'd start.

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