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    Default Freebie, need ID

    Hi all,
    my girlfriends parents gave me a Fisher boat and trailer with a 25 hp Mercury on the back. the dad said it ran well when he parked it 2 years ago but he hasnt touched it since. i want to get the boat out and fish and enjoy the boat boat, thought the first things to do should be change the fuel priner bulb (it's tough to squeeze, been exposed to the elements i'm sure isnt the best thing for the rubber) and change the gas, it had that 2 year old gas stench, change the lower unit oil, and the water pump. am I missing anything else? what I would like to know is the year of the engine (boat and trailer are 93) and if there is a go to place for parts that ya'll use. the ID on the mount is 0D279315 . 90 weight oil for the lower unit? and what ratio gas oil do you use? I didn't see an oil reservoir or dip stick under the hood of the engine.

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    '94 is the year and 50:1 is the mix.Lower unit oil 80W90, would be better if designed for marine use,non foaming,I think GL5 gear oil is in that bracket.

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