Hey guys now I know I dont have the best motor but heck It came with the boat I bought recently. The motor is a 5.5hp 4 stroke Briggs and stratton outboard and I'm having issues with it starting. When I first tried starting it I noticed the fuel wasn't holding in the new fuel filter i put on. The fuel would just go back down to the tank, so then i put in a new fuel pump. That solved that issue of no fuel. The next thing that I did was I changed the spark plug and I cleaned the carb after taking it apart and I've also changed the fuel lines as well and the primer bulb on the tank line is staying still like it should. Now that you know everything I've done here's what my problem is. The motor only runs on choke, as soon as you turn the choke off it stalls out. We have tried adjusting the carb but that didn't work. I only know the motor is about 8 years old. If anyone can help that would be awesome!