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    Just bought a 1974 starcraft that was gutted to redo. The previous owner just cut wires, looking for a wiring diagram for the boat over all. Thanks in advance.

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    Highly unlikely you will find it.....best thing to do is to sketch out what you have and then fill in the interconnect details and then do it....

    FWIW is always a prudent idea to use quality marine grade wiring and to follow the ABYC color code...

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    looking for a wiring diagram for the boat over all.
    Ayuh,..... That Ain't gonna happen,......

    Map out yer own wirin' diagram,.... that's the only way you'll have one,.....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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    Agree with Makomark and Bondo. Be sure to use tinned marine wires and shrink-wrap connectors. Both are available from West Marine or Jamestown Distributors.

    Map it all out first. You should install a master battery selector switch with two batteries - one dedicated to cranking the engine and the other "house battery" for running equipment. Use a panel of fused switches on your console. Run 8 AWG wires from the common battery grounds, and one of the positive terminals from the battery switch (house battery) to the fused panel and run everything up front off of that. Do not run anything except gauges off of the key switch. Run all of the wires through a PVC sleeve installed up under the starboard gunwale.

    I'm somewhat of an amateur, but have completely rewired three old boats. It is not difficult to do, but takes time, the right wire, the right connectors, and a good stripper/crimper. Tag every wire with where it comes from and where it goes. That will save you a ton of time in the future when something electrical stops working, which it will, eventually.
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