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    Default Converting to external fuel tank

    My 1998 Nissan NS5B starts on the first pull every time, runs great, perfect for my sailboat. I change water pump, plug, oil every year even tho
    the motor gets very little use. We sail a lot, but small lake and can sail in and out of dock. The internal tank is plenty for the no wind returns to dock
    we usually have.

    The internal gas tank threads are worn away, the replacement cap I have doesn't really fit and I see I can get a new tank. I also see the model NS5BS was setup for the external tank, which it looks like parts to do that would be about twice the cost of the internal tank but still reasonable. We do trailer the boat to larger lakes from time to time and sometimes use a lot of gas moving around. Pain to refill underway or worry about running out.

    My question, with the additional tank and hoses and connections, is there any difference to the carburetor or some sort of fuel pump I'm not realizing is needed? Or can I convert to seperate tank with the appropriate fittings/hoses/etc. Motor housing has a hole for connector.


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    Default Re: Converting to external fuel tank

    The fuel pump is integral with the carb, so no problem.
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