I installed a used Suzuki DF60 2001 with 300 hours on a friends boat. This engine had some water in engine oil and we found out that the gasket for the intake manifold was leaking, so we put a new gasket and no water in engine oil so far.
After installing this engine on the boat, we had some trouble with the original remote control box. The engine would not go down to idle after increasing the throttle. We found out that the remote control did not pull the throttle wire all the way back, so we change it to a brand new remote control and solved that problem.
So, after putting the boat in the water we can not get the engine running above 3200-3400 rpm. The compression is fine. I don't remember the numbers, but it was even on all cylinders, so I don't think it is any issues there.
Even if it is wrong propeller pitch, it should rev up more right?
Could it be something with the new remote control box that is not compatible with this older engine?
I first suspected the neutral switch was activated also in gear, but I think it should limit the rpm by 2800 then right?
Any other suggestions?