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    Default Has anyone bought an outboard from Suzuki outboard team.com

    Has anyone bought an outboard from Suzuki outboard team.com...Just curious if itís a scam or what this is about but it doesnít seem like they have a Lotta reviews..Just curious

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    Default Re: Has anyone bought an outboard from Suzuki outboard team.com

    No, it is not a scam. The company is actually called PORTA-BOAT International. They make the fold-a-boats. They have been in business for years, and are a Suzuki dealer, for up to I believe, 30 Horsepower. We bought a 2018 Suzuki DF6A for our Trawlers tender, from them. They are nice enough, and the prices are good, but the engine has been a lemon. Just make sure you have a Suzuki servicing dealer nearby, because this seller does not do service. They are in Mountain View, CA. and the nearest service is in Sausalito or Antioch. We have had multiple problems with the engine and believe we got a lemon. Thy would not take the engine back, and we have had five failures with stuck valves. It went to the shop in Antioch to be torn apart, and rebuilt, but it still has the same problems and will be going back to the shop again. It is still under warranty, and I hope they can resolve the obvious factory defects before the warranty expires this October.
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