Hello, new here to the forum and hoping someone can help me out.
A friend of mine asked me to look at a DT65. I had been in storage for more than 10 years so it needed a new impeller.
There were pieces missing from the old impeller. I placed a complete rebuild kit and put everything back together. I placed a large container with water
under the engine to test it. When I started it up There was water coming from te pee hole but this stopped after a few minutes. There is water cuming from the other
discharge hole. Now I noticed there is a stream of water cumming from a notch that is in the flange from the lower end where it bolts to te upper part. This is where the water pump is. Is this normal?
Must al the water not go from the pump through the tube to the power block? Is it possible that the cooling systeem is blocked somwhere and the water finds its way out trough this opening? Someone told me to take the head of,is this a good idea?

regards tim