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    Default Looking to match my serial number with an engine

    Hello boaters ,
    I bought a 75hp Mercury outboard engine ,
    Thing is my insurance company needs my serial number,..
    Looked for it, found the silver coin with this number : A760862
    No matter where i look, the serial number doesn't match any engines ... (i've tried writing it with a 1 in front or a 0) nothing worked ..


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    Default Re: Looking to match my serial number with an engine

    That is a Canadian serial (production number) that is 0A760862 (zero-A-etc) in it's complete form.

    The motor was (at least assembled) at the Merc plant in Mississauga, Ontario (which is long gone).

    The production records are spotty but can say that it is "no older than" 1987 and I would guess possibly an 88 or 89 based on the records that I do have. It is possible that a Merc dealer could plug in your serial and get an exact year if required.

    It is "mechanically identical" to US or Belgian serials of the same time period (1987/88/89).

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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