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    Default Chrysler 655 N/A question

    Folks, I'm a broker with a new listing on a 1983 Bayliner 3888 with Chrysler 655 N/A engines. Assuming N/A means naturally aspirated, I am a tad confused as to why the motors have what appears to be turbos bolted on to exhaust. The current owner has owned for a few years but can't give me a clear explanation. I'm trying to attach a photo if anyone can tell me what I've got here, I would be thankful.

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    Default Re: Chrysler 655 N/A question

    They should be a Mitsubishi 6DS7 engines.
    They came in N/A and and turbo versions.
    The factory turbos were 200HP.
    They could also be after market upgrades of the N/A motor.

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