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    I have a 24 volt Minn Kota tolling motor on my pontoon that seem to run on half power. I put in new batteries and still don't work right when I push the battery test button on the motor all 5 lights come on dim. my on board charger shows full charge .

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    cables in good condition with clean ends?

    Cables connected properly?

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    Sounds like the batteries might be hooked up for only 12V, not 24V.
    You need to connect them in "series", not "parallel". (12V battery X2 = 24V)
    Just a thought,

    Good Luck,

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    Thanks guys for your suggestion,
    I checked both the connections and battery hookups and found no issues with either. Maybe the GPS on the unit is actually working fine but need to increase the prop speed to ensure if has enough power to counter the negative effect of the wind.
    Ya... I know, I'm grasping (at straws) here, but I love the Terrova unit, especially the "Spot Lock". Hate to think of fishing now without it.

    Thanks again,

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