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    Default Fortrex 80 Side Imaging

    I recently mounted a Fortrex 80 with built in transducer to my 09 Skeeter. I paired it with a Helix 7 Mega SI on a Ram mount.
    I love the idea of not having a transducer mounted with the cable tied to the shaft, or the big clamp. One of the reasons I paid the extra was to have a transducer protected on the bottom of the trolling motor.
    The 2-D sonar, Down imaging works beautifully, as does the mapping/GPS.

    My problem is, I cannot get the Side Imaging to work.

    It might show a little bottom structure on the RIGHT side on SI mode, but the LEFT side is black. Nothing shows on the LEFT side on the Helix.

    It was suggested that I upgrade my Hummingbird software, which I did.

    Still no side imaging.

    Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Fortrex 80 Side Imaging

    From what I can see on the MinnKota www page, the Fortrex offerings only have a DI transducer, today....so your results are consistent.....

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